SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the activity of optimizing all the contents of your website for positioning on search engines. The purpose of SEO is to index and better position websites on search engines. When surfing the Internet, users are not looking directly for a specific website, but for keywords which will bring the user to the first search results, generally choosing the first highlighted results.

Why are the top results the same among millions of websites as a result of my search? Because they do SEO activities. Search engines like Google reward websites with quality content and must therefore be rich, coherent, interesting and constantly updated. The set of SEO techniques applied to your site will allow you to position yourself better in the user’s search results.

A good SEO optimization of the site is highly appreciated by the Google algorithm.


Search engines reward websites with quality content, i.e. rich, coherent, interesting and constantly updated content. The activity of optimizing websites from an SEO perspective is a complex process, but if done correctly, it will improve the positioning of the website in the list of results that the user gets when he types the keyword; for this reason it is important to invest in a good SEO activity of the site, you will be able to convince the Google algorithm of the reliability and the presence of quality content on your website.

For this activity, it is essential to study, analyze and work only on the most suitable keywords, in order to position them strategically on your site and in the contents offered therein. If your goal is to have more visibility on your website, you need to rely on industry-experienced professionals who will help you be competitive with your competition. SEO optimization is extremely delicate and Bhype, company of the BlendIT group, has a highly qualified team able to follow, build and grow your site step by step, in order to obtain consistent and lasting results over time, in line with the set goal.


The starting point for any website optimization activity from an SEO perspective is to identify the thematic area of relevance of the site, in order to find the related keywords, an extreme example can be the one that associates the keyword ” shopping” to an e-commerce, or the term “preserve” to an agri-food company.

After identifying the right keywords, SEO also provides for the identification of secondary keywords: these are more specific keywords than the first ones that have been identified. It is important to position keywords strategically on the website and in all the contents present within it. Subsequently, the website will be optimized at 360 degrees, from the graphic layout to the programming language up to the outgoing links to other portals. The work will focus above all on text formatting to highlight the keywords and on mobile-friendly optimization for consultation from other devices such as smartphones or tablets.

If your goal is to gain visibility on the web, and especially if you have just entered the sector, you need to start in the right way by relying on expert professionals in the sector who will be able to fight your competition. SEO optimization is extremely delicate and requires the intervention of highly qualified figures in the sector to ensure that considerable results are obtained both in the short term and above all in the long term. It is therefore strongly advised against relying on inexperienced hands or on any enthusiasts of the sector who, for a certainly low fee, but without the necessary know-how and tools, risk carrying out an ineffective or even counterproductive job.


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